Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I have been lazy

I know.

It's a wonder if anyone would even check in on me anymore. And for all I know, I think I have even forgotten my username and password for my Wordpress blog. Lazy to the gym too. Only once since I got back from Malaysia, and that was in July.

Anyway, the highlight topic since the last, was last Sunday, when the three of us went to Chaddy to buy a bicycle in Toys'R'Us. Halfway looking Aidan said he wanted to go pee. As I needed the toilet too, I went with him, leaving Daddy looking. We had to cross the food court to get to the toilet on the other side.

Once we were there, I took Aidan to the ladies' toilet (obviously) and guided him to the last cubicle. Told him to wait for me just outside when he had finished. I went into the cubicle next to him. On normal days I would've waited, or kept talking to him, but that Sunday, there was a crowd. So we had to be quick. Imagine my horror when I peaked into his locked cubicle when I have finished my business, to find a handbag lying on the floor, e.g. it wasn't him in there!

He was no where around the toilet area, and not bothering to wash my hands, I rushed outside, and couldn't find him either. Panicked as I was, I quickly called hubby to tell him that I lost our son, but I have a feeling he was heading back to Toys'R'Us. For one thing I know, he knows his way back to Toys'R'Us. I just prayed he really walked straight to that place.

I ran with my heart in my throat, through the crowd, and was so relieved to find him there beside his dad, who was right at the entrance. Gave him a tongue-lash I did, but apparently he wasn't fazed and didn't know what the fuss was all about.

In theory, being the laid back person as he is, he must have been trying to take off his pants when a lady pushed the unlocked door to see if anyone was in there, and he came out to let her in. Not seeing me around, he walked out and while searching for me, he also headed back to where Daddy was. What made him think I would have left without him!!

After all the drama, I asked if he has pee-ed, he said no. And we had to go back to the toilet again. This time, with me in the same cubicle.

When will this boy learn?

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