Thursday, August 20, 2009

Men around the house

The old one is quite typical, but at least kinda tidy.

The young oneeee....... mmmmm....... drives me nuts!

He used to be tidy, even turning down the corners of the bath mat and make it flat again if it got folded. Now? Thomas and friends and Hot Wheels strewn around the carpet and lounge room. When he got tired of the floor, he would then dig out the colour pencils or pens to do some drawing, and halfway doing that, perhaps fold a paper aeroplane or two.

Then he would decide he wanted to play with his Lego set, and stormed into his room. All over the floor in his room, are tiny pieces of Lego, and the old Transformer autobots passed down to him from almost twenty years back, an old collection of my youngest brother-in-law.

Wait! Oh, then he would change his mind and wanted to play with the golf set.

And I sigh in resignation.

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