Saturday, January 28, 2006


There's not much to today as it started raining early, has been forecasted a thunderstomy kind of day. We went out just to get some food and had lunch. It's just so quiet here. The only CNY songs I get to hear is from the asian grocery store.

Waited till Aidan woke up from his nap and we went over to my dad in law's for reunion dinner. It was a feast as there was plenty of food leftover. Ching (Wilkin's friend) phoned and asked us over to his house, am feeling a tad lazy and tired so I stayed home. Called mum to chat with her for about 23 minutes. I miss the environment every year. I always remember the smell of incense burning throught the night. Mum burns it for 9 times on the eve and only gets to sleep for a couple of hours before she had to get up again to cook a vegetarian meal for an army. And every year about 2 days after, she'll get sick from exhaustion.

In much earlier years I remember we will have lion dance in the house to enter the new year with a 'bang!' We will be visiting so many relatives and I'll be counting money all the way home : ) Later in years, the whole group of girls will go out for drinks and most of us will be wearing the 'in' colour, which was black. Mum wasn't happy at all and my eldest brother in law went 'wwaahh... why all black?' Well, those were the years.

For now, got Aidan to bed and watched The Fockers. At home. Alone. Not that I am complaining about the alone part, I needed ME time. But I do wish I have all my family and friends here with me making so much noise. Or rather, that I will be home with them. Guess there's always next year...

Oh yup, I had all the new toothbrushes ready and changed all bedsheets and towels. Washed the bathroom and did the laundry (no washing or sweeping tomorrow!) Replaced a new kitchen wash towel, gee, practically everything I imagine I can do. Yyeeapp, scrubbed the toilet one last time for rooster year, oh oh, and also a new body sponge. Wuff! Here we come!

Gong Xi Fa Cai!!! Am going to bed... nighty night.

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