Friday, January 27, 2006

Hot Aussie Day

Today is Australia Day. And today is a holiday. What more can I say? Oh yeah, today is a very hot day.... too, at 38degree. Sea of people in the shopping malls and indoor swimming pools too, otherwise would have brought Aidan there.

Did my house cleaning this morning ready for CNY. Still have the bathroom to clean. We went to Knox shopping centre and aimlessly walked around. Wilkin is looking for a pair of new shoes. Either there isn't a size, or design is nice, but not enough grip. Didn't get anything.

We walked pass a booth where this young chap was holding balloons as promo, and Aidan reached out to get one. The man gave it to him, with a bonus of one lollipop. Wow, Aidan was so happy, this should be the highlight of today.

We had lunch at the foodcourt. I had a Jap vege pancake, Aidan a chicken terriyaki sushi and loving his Apple drink in Thomas Tank bottle, and Wilkin had the Red Rooster meal. Am happy to see Aidan grabbing the sushi all by himself and actually eating it. Well, in fact he was eating only a little of the rice but picking out the chicken pieces to eat.

It's nearly 2pm and so we had to head back home. Put Aidan to bed, although I doubt he had a good nap as it was hot, and I made arrangement to meet up with Mei San (my cousin) at Chaddy. YYEEAAYY!! My first movie in the cinema in years! We watched Underworld Evolution, I tell you, Kate Beckinsale's tush is something to die for! In fact, I love her whole body, although Mei San disagrees by saying she's too thin. I do not think so.

Had Jap food at Kintochi after that, walked around without any idea how to get to our cars! A scatterbrain (not me!) with a forgetful (that's me!) didn't sum up too well. At last scatterbrain managed to collect pieces of her memories and we found a short cut to my car. She said something like 'the blind (me) leading the not too blind (her)'.

That's my day, got takeaway for Wilkin and that's it, home now. Aidan played for awhile and now fast asleep, Wilkin stuck to the TV with either tennis or cricket on, and yours truly telling you all about my day.

TWO more days to CNY...

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