Saturday, January 21, 2006

Crap day at work

It's freaking 12.45 midnight and I just got home from work, I should be relaxing and sleeping, weather not as hot and dead tired too. Something just happened at work and it worked me up that I have to get it off my mind.

First of all, Friday nights at work should be quiet ones. It was, and I got a compliment that I haven't heard for quite a while, although always the same one, ahem, that I look 9 years younger than my actual age! All was well, a little bored even.

UNTIL, this lady (pharmacist reckon that she is actually a HE, I would say a badly done up job) came in and asked for something on the shelf. It was a range of Blackmores vitamins, a branded range and well known for it's glass bottles. I reached up for one, and the whole shelf came down on me! Along with it, the bottles slid down one by one, on the floor, on my foot!$&^*$&!!! Anyway, hey, am a tough woman, was in pain, but I made no sound, just apologizing to the lady. And oh my gosh! She was being such a wuss, 'Oh, I have a bruise here, it's going to get worse tomorrow', 'Oh, I know my skin, it's starting to bruise now', 'Oh, it's getting painful'. I CAN'T EVEN SEE A DARN THING ON HER ARM!

Being a good salesperson, and bearing the motto the customer is always right, and yes, it wasn't her fault too, I apologized. The pharmacist took a look at her arm, and said there was nothing wrong with it, she insisted she knows her own skin, so okay, we recommended pain relief tablets. She took that, and at the counter she said she shouldn't be paying for it, and she came in for medicine, not to get more pain, etc. etc. WUSS WUSS!! What the heck, so there, I said I'll pay for it, didn't charge her anything for it and put it in her bag. SATISFIED? Don't think so. She claimed that she was in such shock that she can hardly think when I charged her for other things that she should be paying, she seems to have difficulty remembering her PIN number for her debit card. She got my name, date and time, and the boss' name. She did say it wasn't my fault, but I think she's going to make a complain when she gets better. I don't care lar, it's not my fault anyway.

Thing is, the shelf was sharing a shelf holder, which is wrong. Not to mention that we have all the heavy glass bottles arranged nicely on it too. Someone must have done a short cut, so hey, am not going to pay for any damages done. It's worth my night's pay! So there, me going to sleep now! Good night!

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