Saturday, January 21, 2006

It's F-ing hot!

Trust Melbourne to have four season, IN ONE DAY!! Feels like spring in the morning, the summer hot, autumn come evening and like winter at night. This isn't too bad, the worse thing is, sometimes autumn and winter doesn't come, and here stays high hell summer hot, i.e. last night. Imagine no air-conditioning ...

It's so hot, you don't feel like doing anything at all. Most of all, don't feel like cooking, then again, you can't make a roast, coz that will warm up my kitchen even further. Salad, that's not enough for dear hubby of mine. Am just feeling tired. And sleepy. Maybe I should go to sleep right after this. Looking forward to going to work, at least there's air-conditioning there.

Brought Aidan to the park, but the slides were too hot, so we ended up shopping at the supermarket. Better still, if he can stay still, we could have stayed in the library. Sounds boring huh? See, if we go to the shopping mall, there isn't a doubt there will be impulse spendings. Which is something I don't want to be doing, and have always done.

Sometimes I wonder if anyone will think this blog of mine is worth reading at all, coz it's all mum and cooking and boring. Geee... that's my life. I've had my share of fun, maybe someday I will pen this all down here, u'll find that I am an exciting person after all, tsk tsk. Anyway, being mid 30's and semi-retired, what more can I ask for? Am not going to count my blessings here, u'll be thinking am bragging.

Instead, let's just take our nap. Shall we, Aidan? Tata for now~

pss* Ooo yeah, guess wat? I managed to change the time and date setting! Yeay!


Arch Stud said...

Cold cuts! it's all meat and it's not hot. yay!

Arch Stud said...

blog good.... no need to keep asking u what u're doing