Monday, January 23, 2006

Lousy weekend

Weekend was terrible. Both days were at highest 43 degree!! Heat in the house was like, imagine yourself in the oven. Hot and dry. Unlike Malaysia, which we sweat a lot, the wind that blows here 'burns' your skin. We sort of just waiting to melt away.

Saturday we had yum char at Fu Long with Wilkin's colleagues as CNY celebration. The air-conditioning wasn't good enough. I was wearing a skirt, yet I was sweating like crazy in between the legs. Gave Aidan showers a few times a day, not that he minded. Didn't do anything after that, had to go to the supermarket to keep cool. Watched Memoirs of a Geisha (first half) and have yet to watch the 2nd part. Anyway, forget about Saturday night.

Sunday was good apart from the unbearable heat. We were invited to have seafood buffet lunch at Grand Hyatt... superlicious!! I had lots of cute little miniature size desserts. And oh, self note, if want to be blogger, carry your camera everywhere!!! When we wanted to leave, we were so impressed with Aidan because he said 3 things in a row!! At first he said 'buhbye', then 'see ya' followed by 'hah bhai' (high five, with his hands ready to snap with yours) I was so happy, and Wilkin was amazed! Back home, I mean, back to the oven, everyone can't relax, Aidan can't sleep as the bed was just too hot. It was 2 days in a row that he hasn't had a decent nap, he was all worked up. I was glad to go to work for once!! At least there is air-conditioning.

TODAY!! Ahhhhh.... much nicer and great relief at 28 degree. Headed off to the park with other mums and got another 2 invitations to kids' party! Another self note, have to set new 'gifts allowance' account. Nothing much to blog about now, came back, had light lunch, put him to sleep, here blogging, gossiping with friends and signing off right now to cook and get ready for another evening of work. Oh yeah, to my friend who's car got backed into, remember my advice!

Till then...

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