Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Tuesday no action

Yeah, no action. Then again, it's mostly no action day in day out anyway. Aidan's Ye-ye came over and we went CNY grocery shopping at Boxhill and for lunch. A lot of CNY goodies, but at extortion-ated, that's my word, price! Broken to pieces pineapple tarts at $8 (alright, not the whole container but not appealing still) and the kuih bangkit (love the one at PJ pasar malam and only about RM3) looks pathetic, the price frightening though..... $9 !! At last, I thought, I should have some goodies, at least once a year, and bought the peanut cookies, which looked the least smashed up. For $8, it'd better be tasty.

Still thinking if I should go to the evening kid's party on Thursday. So much cleaning to be done at home before CNY. It's funny, I guess it's ingrained in me that all the cleaning up should be done nearest to CNY day and not too early, and wants the house to look sparkly clean on the first day of celebration. I remembered telling W.Peng about changing new toothbrushes on the Eve and she said she'll check with Frank. I wonder if they'll do the same thing. I've already brought Aidan a new one, will be changing it for Wilkin, and of course, I'll just change the refill for my electric one. OOoooo yeah, self reminder, call the dentist to change appointment date from this Saturday to next, otherwise I won't be able to enjoy reunion dinner.

Aidan's napping right now, NO ONE is online, where the hell did everyone go??!!! Tata, I'll watch 2nd half of Geisha now.

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