Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Aidan poo-ed his pants!

Last night was terrible at work. Pharmacist is old, slow and making everyone irritated.

Loads of customers, plenty of work, but he's so SSLLLOWWWW. Can't even have my 1/2 hour break in peace. He kept interrupting asking where is this and where is that? I might as well be the pharmacist!

I had my 'usual' breakfast at GJ, ahem. Well, not really, I had the usual latte, but today I had scones :) And after that I couldn't get out of KMart as there was clearance sale going on. Curtains, roller blades with helmet for Aidan, a top for myself and a food flask, all those for a good bargain! Happy.

I noticed when I picked Aidan up he was wearing a different pair of pants. And I thought to myself, he must have had a little 'accident' and wet his pants. I spoke to Paola, and she said, 'Oh he went to the toilet for a wee, but it was the poo that was caused the change.' And I was like, 'Wha?'

I told Paola earlier to just take Aidan to the toilet before going out to play instead of asking him as we know for sure he'll shake his head. So she did just that. And apparently he got up from the chair straight away when she said 'Let's go to the toilet.' Paola thought that was very good as he was really listening, then she noticed that he walked funny. You guess the rest...

I pity Paola as I've had never had to clean up a poo since ages ago, pphheewwww, it must have been disgusting, especially now that he's a little boy, eating what we eat.

Now I have to defend Aidan, not that he doesn't know how to say 'poo', he just doesn't like going to strangers for 'intimate job'. DO YOU???

I rest my case.

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