Sunday, February 19, 2006

Dentist... wooo oooo..

You should know lar, nothing much happening when things are so 'routined'.

Yesterday was playgroup at Clayton for Aidan. After that we went to a chinese grocery store to browse. He now knows what to get for himself. He went straight for the chips section, grabbed a pack, and refused to let it go!

He's a grown boy. Sigh, where has my little baby gone?

My pinky is healing very nicely, other than a few knocks now and then, that sends the electric shoots up my brain, it looks pretty find. And also, my pharmacist colleague told me that the numbness at the tips will be there for at least 4-6 months, if not for a LLOONNNGGG time. Yeap, definitely nerve damage. For the love of my family!

This morning, I spent the last of my visit to the dentist! TOAST! TOAST!! Yeay! If the x-rays come back fine, I won't have to visit him for at least till the end of the year. He told me this last one is the toughest. He was comtemplating whether to just do an extraction since it really looks bad, but tried to save it for it. And voila, done!

Julia, the receptionist said, 'This is one of those places where you feel pain when you go in, and pain when you get out.' (pain in the pocket!) That's so true! It was $245 including xray. I told her I could have bought myself a nice diamond with the total amount I spent there, which is well over a grand.

Good news, we, as in Aidan and myself, are coming back in October!! Dates not confirmed yet. See ya real soon!

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