Thursday, February 16, 2006

Carefree Thursday

Nothing much happened since Tuesday.

My pinky is still healing, and surprisingly it's healing very nicely. Probably I tied a rubber band immediately around the finger when I injured myself to lessen the bleeding, hence less tissue damage, or whatever, and it's just a line now. On the downside, the fingertip feels a little numb all the time now, and apart from the obvious pain, it does feel funny and numb-tingly when I touch it.

You know what I mean? Like when you get antsy in the legs after a while in a certain position? Boohoo, maybe got nerve damage, hukh, hukh hukh.

Went for my last HepB jab today. Don't like this doc, I usually see his wife, but she's sick, so I had to see him, he's always saying 'Daah'.... like 'Yes, daah, this is the last, daah, vaccine for you. You've had the first, daah, in July last year, and, daah, the second a month later.' It sort of drummed into my head now. Hate it.

Aidan and myself went to cafe and we had a nice cosy lunch. Pasta, chips and ice cream. Heavenly? Hhmm.. top that up with with a juice. OK, OK, diet will start... SOON!

Me and Wilkin are discussing about me and Aidan going back to Ipoh this year. Will keep this posted.

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