Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day!

Perfect header for today. Need I say more?

We didn't do anything today! I mean, we didn't celebrate or whatsoever.

Aidan was at Cabena this morning. As usual, wailed for a couple of minutes, but fine after that. I am getting more confident and happy with his progress. Still, he has to learn to trust the carers enough to let them know when he wants to do a wee, because he waited till I went back for him, which left his little undies a little wet.

Anyway, I HAD BREAKFAST ALONE AT GLORIA JEANS! I know! How GOOD is that??! A raisin toast with a cup of latte, reading the paper, uninterrupted for the whole half hour! I am starting to feel less guilty for leaving Aidan at Cabena :P

I wasn't going to cook today, (special holiday, hah!) plus the fact that I deep-slashed my right pinky on a tomato canned-soup lid, while cooking a nice spag bolognaise dinner for my family yesterday. Everytime when it accidentally made contact with anything, pain shoots through like electric shock. Yes, THAT bad. It doesn't help either when Aidan grabbed at it! YEOWCH!

And so, I got ourselves a mini Valentine mudcake, ordered pizza and ate like piggies. Diet can always start tomorrow........ A G A I N........... sigh........

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