Sunday, February 12, 2006

Early Valentine's present

I've never known Wilkin to be a very romantic person.

So either his funny bone tickled him senseless or he's starting to become one, after countless occasions of nags nags and more nags, he actually got me something!!

Well, he does buy me flowers every year, but this is an actual present! And guess what it is? A very intimate lingerie, see-through, tie-back, and a triangle-shaped G-string, barely enough to cover your complete nether region.

I won't be showing this off to you, too intimate, and too embarassing.

Naturally, I was very surprised, I would have expected something practical, from HIM. I know he has his devious streak, but always level-headed when it comes to spending, in fact, almost too level-headed. And there I was, I don't know whether to be happy or laugh, for that very moment, it was hilarious to me!

I said 'You should have waited till Tuesday to give this to me.' And he said, 'Buy you present also complain.' So what more can I say....Thank you.

And I won't reveal more mushy stuff.... enough said!

And by the by, terrifying moment today at The Glen when we were travelling down the escalator. Aidan has taken a fancy to pushing all sorts of buttons, even this emergency one! Naturally, the escalator stopped, everyone looked up, but funny, seems like no one noticed Aidan was the culprit, or maybe they realized he was just a kid. Either way, we, as parents, were VERY lucky to get away with that.

Wilkin couldn't stop wondering for a long while after that, WHAT IF, someone fell down and injured oneself? We could be sued till our pants drop!

This is the second time. The first being at Hyatt for a buffet lunch last month. Something has to be done to curb this unacceptable behaviour. (Chewah, talking like Super Nanny)

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