Saturday, February 04, 2006

A day's outing in the City

We headed to the city for a family day out together with my dad-in-law and also Bessie, Wilkin's sister. There are lots of 'hawker' stalls by the riverside, and I couldn't resist buying a small tub of pineapple tarts! It was $3.50 and I counted, there was only 11 inside. But I had to eat them! I haven't had them in ages! Plus I can't ask my sister to make it for me, she's too far away in Ipoh.

We had dinner , Vietnamese 'phur' (noodles) in Springvale with all of the above, plus Ching and family. Hannah had a gym birthday party so she missed out. Har har har! Plus get blisters on her hand too for playing too hard. I hope it's much better now, Hannah!

We all went back to Ching's place, minus DIL (dad-in-law) and Bessie and the usual Saturday night routine. Hmm, I wonder if we can still do that when Ching's sister and family is here.

We were playing games on the internet of Neopets, and Aidan particularly didn't like a certain game, when the piano came crashing down it makes a funny sound. In order to get me out of the group, he 'lied' and said he wanted to poo. Why I said he lied is because he did a big poo just minutes before. And so I took him to the toilet, nothing. Second time, same thing.

And there I am wondering, my son is SMART! in a bad way... sigh

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