Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Valentine's prezzie

Firstly, there was nothing much to blog about yesterday. Mainly I had worked 2 nights in a row, plus playing games with Bubbaroo (my neopet) till nearly 2am on Sunday night didn't really help much with being wide awake.

Oh yeah, went to Forest Hills Chase and thought perhaps I'll find some goodies at Dimmeys with such cheap offers I saw in the catalogue. Tons of ppl, long lines, and so I got only a Cush (very soft microbeads neck cushion) at $4.00

But the main thing is, I bought Wilkin a briefcase, well, a laptop case more like it, but it looks much smarter than the usual briefcases. The zip on the old one zonged out. And so I was thinking of how to wrap it up, how to present it nicely.

Aidan was getting restless in his pram, so I got him a bag of chips. Did he like it? LOVE IT! And I was able to do a little more shopping in peace. Oh, cheap bribes :)

Too lazy to cook, bought 1/2 a chicken and BBQ pork for dinner.

When I left for work, I forgot to hide the case, hoping Wilkin wouldn't see it. I came home and thought, what the heck, the zip on the old one is gone anyway, so I transferred everything in that case to the new one, and wrote a note saying Happy Early Valentine's Day.......

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