Thursday, February 23, 2006

Massive paper work last night. Tons and heaps of invoices in front of me and new merchandises to be entered ASAP otherwise we won't know what the price is to sell them off. Plus the the fact that I have to serve customers every 30 seconds lining up to pay for their stuff.

And so by the time I got home from work, my brain was still churning with numbers and names. Working at this not-so-new-place now is not easy at all. Apart from not earning any extras, I have to work triple the load, as compared to Frankston, where I have 2 coffee breaks and chats.

But then again, this place is more fulfilling. Like you get what I mean? I feel that I achieve more and actually not just walking around doing nothing much. Duh, call me stupid.

Bought our airtickets today! Yeay! And Aidan gets to sleep in his own seat this time. At least I can watch a movie and eat properly, fingers crossed.

Ooo, ooo, Target clearance sales so I went in and got a couple of tops and a pair of pants for Aidan. Can't help it if everything is like only a few dollars each!

Lastly went to Coles for groceries, before that I did ask Aidan if he wanted to wee and he shook his head. By the time we were lining up to pay, he didn't even want his packet of chips and softly said 'poo' and looked down at himself (he was in his stroller) and I saw this little wet patch forming. I had to keep telling him to wait and hang on, wait and hang on, until I paid for everything and rushed to the toilet. His pants was already wet, but he did a big wee. Good thing I bought a new pair of pants earlier. Had to praise him for holding on.

Gotta go, blog later.

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