Saturday, February 25, 2006

Quick Quick

It's Wilkin's first day at his IT course today and for the next 2 months Aidan and myself will be on our own during the day :(

Aidan's nose bled twice yesterday and today I brought him to the doc and she said not to worry as it is a common case in children, unless if it's very frequent.

We then went to Blockbuster and I rented 2 Hi-5's, Winnie Pooh and Bob the Builder dvd, and 'The Grudge' horror film for myself. When we got home I told Aidan, let's get inside and watch Hi-5, and got him out from his seat. I was unloading things from the car and he was running around the porch, then turned to me and said 'Queek, queek, queek!' AMBOI!! Hurrying me! But this is the first time I heard him say this by himself, meaning he knows the meaning of the word and using it! Am impressed.

Usually I''ll say this to him when he wants a wee and rush him to the toilet.

We had Viet food tonight, yumm, and went to my dad in law's for a visit, didn't go to Ching's last week and this week as it was a bit late already, plus Jess is working full week now, she may need a break. Miss those kids!

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