Friday, March 31, 2006

'Flowers' for Rita

Rita is not well and is back in the hospital again.

She's got an infection after her caesarian, and the doctors told Steven that Rita's womb may have to be removed as a last resort. I was thinking, if they need to remove the womb, there is a possible chance the docs may have f***ed up the procedures, or the theatre wasn't 100% sterilized!

Imagine, no more babies! Worse, she was so bad, she could have died!

Self note, doesn't private hospitals are necessarily better.

I don't know the full story, but she's still in the hospital now, and can't bond with Stefanie. Jess and myself sent the above 'floral' arrangement to her to hopefully cheer her up. Nice eh, can keep and chocolates can eat, unlike flowers, they wilt. But I did put a note there, she can't eat them now.

Get well soon Rita.

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