Thursday, March 30, 2006

Healthy Banana Oatbran Muffins

Didn't really think of making muffins today. It's because Aidan and I walked into this new organic store at The Glen. Everything was quite expensive, others are average.

Walked around and bought a leave-in conditioner from Alchemy, famous organic brand here. Fruits and veges were expensive, then there was this tray will all reduced price item, mostly over-riped veges and fruits or near expiry date.

The current price for bananas are $5 - $7 per kg, thanks to Cyclone Larry in Queensland, most crops were destroyed, hence a higher price. I bought a big bag of bananas at $2, all riped, few half 'soggy' but still good. Also bought another bag of baby beetroots, and 2 coconut drinks ('yeh chang') at $1 each.

Silly cashier charged me full price for those, and I had to point out 3 times for it as he make mistakes again, still over-charging me.

Anyway, came back home and made the muffins. Doesn't look too inviting huh? Well, most healthy food don't. I used organic wholemeal self-raising flour, used light spread instead of butter, and non-fat milk instead of buttermilk. Also, raw sugar instead of white sugar. Che waahh.. !!!

Gotta go, Aidan is getting cranky. Playtime outside!

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