Thursday, March 23, 2006

Irish Stew

Nampak sedap tak? Irish stew for dinner tonight. FYI, it's lamb neck chop. Easy cooking but lots of fat trimming to do. Lazy to do real cooking tonight as I've been doing that for 3 consecutive days. Last night we had hokkien noodles. I am getting better at this :)

Went to Brandon Park shopping mall yesterday and got myself a spanking brand new pair of knee high boots. Yeay! For those who wants to view the shop's catalogue, here it is:

Sorry guys but I think you have to right click and 'Open on new window' if you want to stay on this page.

I'd better stop spending so much or I won't have money to spend when I get back to M'sia.

Gotta go chat now. Bon appetite!

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