Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Will's Reserve

Last night we had training for the cosmetic range BLOOM. Very nice and chic packaging, and we didn't have to go to work earlier for it, so it was cool. Plus, we each got a free gift. I got a lip tint. Nice.

This morning to another park by ourselves let to let Aidan run around and then off to grocery shopping. Again, I forgot the camera. Double drat!

Nothing much to blog about lar. Oh by the way, I've booked myself for an hour of full body Swedish massage, don't ask me yet, I don't know what Swedish massage is all about. Just got the flyer from one of the hairdresser salon that I've been to and it's only $40. Aidan will be starting 'school' again next week, so I get some time off to spend money again.

Will tell you all about it when I had a good time.

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