Saturday, March 11, 2006

Last day of Term 1

When was my last post? Aahh, Wednesday. Seems a long time. FYI, we didn't go to the Ashburton playgroup on Wednesday as yours truly was REALLY lazy that day, and decided to get out from the bed at 10am, although I have been drifting in and out of sleep with Aidan jumping on me.

We went to Amber's playhouse yesterday, gosh, we haven't been there since November, and by chance met a few mums there and so I get to chat while Aidan played with his little friends, not that he really noticed them at all.

One of the mums was supposed to arrange for tickets for The Boy From Oz and she hasn't got them yet, as she wanted to make sure those who are interested in going are willing to pay for it. Cost a bomb at $150!! Oh well, I said I'm cool with it since I haven't been to any plays for the last 2 years. Hopefully she'll be able to get the tickets now and not too late.

Today is the last day of Term 1 and meaning, last day at playgroup. Have to wreck my brain for the next 2 weeks where to bring Aidan. Everywhere will be full of people.

Sorry no pics lately, but hopefully there'll be some tomorrow night as we'll be going to Wilkin's friend Steven's place for steamboat dinner. Yum yum...

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