Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Smooth Sailing

Sorry for the long absence. Saturday was boring, Wilkin went to a course and we stayed home. Went over to dad in law's in the evening as he was to fly to Hong Kong on Sunday.

And on Sunday, nothing much either as I had to start work early in the evening but Ching had BBQ at his place so Wilkin and Aidan went. Boo hoo hoo! Poor me miss out the fun!

The highlight was yesterday, when I dropped Aidan at Cabena. He happily ran into the building and didn't try hanging on to me anymore. And when I left I told him and asked him to give me a kiss and hug, which he did, and continued playing. HOW GOOD IS THAT? Paola said this is what I want, and I said yes, but can't help feeling a little disappointed at the same time as I felt like he didn't need me.

I notify Lesley and Paola of Aidan's occasional bloody nose and Lesley said it's very normal. I can only wish I can say I don't feel paranoid about it, but I do. Anyway, nothing much I can do about it.

It's the last week of Term One and there will be a 2 week break for the Commonwealth Game. Hopefully he remembers the fun and will be the same when 'school' starts again in 3 weeks' time.

Had a chat with Rhonda (neighbour at Unit 2) and I told her we can go for coffee and shopping when I leave Aidan at Cabena. She's such a nice lady. For your info, she's about 60s' and her partner left her when they found out she was pregnant with twins. She brought the boys (only they're men now) up by herself and has a beautiful grand-daughter Cameron who just turned 1 in Feb. Such a strong lady. And she looks after my garden when am on holiday.

That's about it. Gotta get ready for work now. Ciao~

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