Friday, March 03, 2006

Aidan up to his mischief again

I wasn't going to do a posting today, as there is nothing much to blog about. But this incident it too cute not to share it.

We went to Clayton playgroup today and it was my turn to wash the dishes. Usually he'll hover around the kitchen area and I'll keep looking out for him.

Lately he's been confident enough to wander off further to the other side of the room without worrying about me being gone. So today I didn't even bother taking a peek at him, thought he'll be with the others playing instruments to the Wiggles or what other nursery rhymes they have.

I just finished washing up and was about to dry them when Poh Choo, one of the church's administrator came to me and smilingly asked me 'Do you want to know what your son did?' And I went 'Oh gosh, don't tell me, but tell me.' Apparently he's been having fun drawing at the attendance book, making circles and then 'liquid-paper-ing' the page.

And as if that wasn't enough, (earlier he already did a mini mischief and got into Margaret's Winnie-the-Pooh stamp and stamped himself on the hand and cheek) he managed to open up the stamp pad, somehow rested his left arm on it, and ink was everywhere around his left cheek, t-shirt, left arm and fingers. Oh yes, and also finger prints all over the table. Poh Choo said he must have had a swell of a time. Am sure, judging by him not looking for me.

Apologized to Margaret, offered to clean up, but she said it was ok.

Came home and had quite a difficult time cleaning up that big spot on the left under arm, because he was wriggling and laughing when I did that.

Double ADOI!

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