Thursday, March 02, 2006

Me work like dog, she painting her nails

Yesterday's playgroup as Ashburton was just another day. Aidan did some painting, at first refusing to put on a smock. I don't mind him getting dirty, but I have to get him used to the idea of putting on one if he wants to paint, it's compulsory here, and there are other children who may want to follow suit.

I don't find it nice, for me at least, because I do not know anyone there. Yes, everyone is friendly, but just polite friendly. Anyway, I've paid for half a year, so we just have to attend.

I have so much to complain about work. Why is it that there are only a few staff who always do the cleaning like emptying the bins and washing cups off the sink, when others go 'It's so boring today, I just painted my nails.' Well, hello! There were heaps of boxes of stuff ('Oh, there is note there saying that they can't find the invoice') replenishing stocks, and the bin was filthy full. What were they doing?! And the pharmacist had the nerve to tell me, 'Seems like there's work for you tonight, putting away the stuff.' And I just retorted 'THEY just complained it was BORING today.' And I think he realized that and said, 'Oh, yeah something to do about the invoice.'

So what? Am I a fairy and BLING, the invoice is right here and I can settle the stock? Sorry man. I don't usually backstab, but I cannot tolerate this kind of behaviour. Others are working like dogs not stopping and she has the nerve to say she painted her nails and read a magazine. So I complained to the manager last night. Seems she knows the girl's attitude and doing something about it. I did warn though, not to mention anything about me saying stuff, because this girl has 2 sisters working there too, seniors at that, so I do not want any complications working with them. Am just pointing out what's wrong, not actually wanting to accuse her.

Anyway, Aidan and myself went swimming this morning and as usual, loved it. When we were at home, I told him we were going swimming, and I think he didn't understand what I was saying until I brought out his little arm floats. He saw that and immediately jumped up and down with joy, and pulling off his pants, knowing he has to change to swimwear.

We had a great time there, then we went for a cosy lunch 'yum char', just the two of us. I considered calling my dad in law, but I guess I can do that next time. Boy, is he tired. He's still sleeping now at 4.30 and I'd better wake him up.

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