Thursday, March 16, 2006


Last night at work was nothing to shout about, except for 3 things.

One, the colleague that I've been complaining about has been laid off from work. NO NO NO! Don't get me wrong, it's not because of my complaints. My manager didn't say anything to the boss about what I said, but I guess this colleague must have really done 'nothing' to deserve this.

Two, a loud BANG right outside our chemist. Accident involved 3 cars right at the intersection (we are a corner shop at a busy crossroad). Thus, a colourful night as the police siren lights were playing outside the whole night, blue and red, blue and red.

Three, opening of Commonwealth Games. If we go out to the streets, we can hear the loud bangs and explosions of fireworks continuously. Even the milk bar round the corner was closed! No milk for coffee!! Wwaahhh! So another colleague has to drive to the closest BP station to get a carton.

Coming back to Aidan, after hot washes and disinfecting most, if not all, clothings and sheets in eucalyptus oil (smells nice after this too, must do it more often) and sunning the mattress 2 days in a row, no more bites. That's a relief.

Had a weird dream. Dreamt I was in Ipoh, went out for lunch with friends Kelly and Jackie, somehow the dream ended in me having lunch with my schoolmates and a few school time guy friends. Weird indeed. What's terrible is that one of the guys took a silly jump into the swimming pool, which resulted him in breaking his neck! I know, gross! But the thing is, he's not dead and when pulled out from the water, he can still move his head. WEIRD!

Oh yeah! How can I forget this. Last night, when I got into the room ready to jump into bed, I smelled something funny. Wilkin farted, cheh! Terrible smell, must be the belachan prawns I cooked for dinner. I had to spray my perfume all around the room. Anyway, when I lift the doona, OH MY GOSH.. the smell was worse! He farted INSIDE the doona! It made me sick! I fanned the doona towards the door. He woke up and asked "Jou mat yeh?" And I said "Hak yan jang!" He went back straight to sleep! AMAZING! How unthoughtful!

If I was lazy to get up from bed, fair enough, you won't feel like getting out of the bed, I make sure I'll fart OUTSIDE the doona. At least it's easier to fan the foul smell away. Imagine those awful smelling particles trapped in the doona, dispersing through the fibres....


Today is a rainy start to the first day of the Games. Am going to Chadstone instead of the park. Tata~

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Peng said...

hey friend not only wilkin farts in the doona...frank too! like what's in your blog....MEN!!!