Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Rush Rush

Thought I had that covered, with alarm and everything, preparing for my big day at the massage. By the way, Aidan ripped my alarm clock apart, (!!! YES, IT'S TRUE!!!) so I had to resort to using my phone's.

Now, I don't like using mobile phones as a clock beside my bed, with all those strong vibes that is linked to migraine and health complication. So on days I don't have a schedule, i.e. Aidan's 'school' and playgroups, I'll just look at my watch.

Aidan's first day at Cabena Care for the 2nd term. Everything went well, except that he refused to put on a smock for painting, which is necessary. AND, also he didn't tell the carers that he wanted to wee, so there was a little 'accident'. Big wet patch, but I guess he tried his best to hold on, as his wee was LOTS.

Anyway, after I left him at the care, I had to rush off to my massage appointment, which was about 25 minutes away. I had to speed a little, and after all that, my stress level shot up high. What the heck, I booked in to de-stress, not to get it getting there.

For $40 for the whole hour, no complaints. The girl said it's her 3rd year in her profession, but I rate her skill as just satisfactory. Compared to the ones I had before Aidan was born, those were heaven. Or maybe, it was because I didn't have a care in the world then, which made me relaxed much quicker, and always being able to fall asleep during the 40 minutes sessions.

Today, although my body started to relax, my mind was still churning with thoughts, till the last 15 minutes, when she started massaging my head, then only I started to doze off. Too late. Time was up. Had to comment though, common sense not to put the massage oil on the massage bench, because I moved my leg, it toppled on the floor, on her pillow near a chair, and on to my pants as well. (I was only in my undies covered with towel, tee hee)

Walked out the door smelling like lavender and peppermint...... *content sigh* Hey! With clothes on of course! Aparahh!

Took a slow drive back just in time to pick Aidan up, and was about to pass by our own place to get to the supermarket, but saw dad in law at the front, so I detoured, and we went for lunch.

Rest of the day, at home, bla bla.

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