Monday, March 27, 2006

Sunday Lucky Day

Must have been my lucky day yesterday.

Ever since I've got here Wilkin and I went to this particular guy hairdresser who operates from home, hence cheaper. Whenever I tell him that I only need a trim, a BIG trim I will get. He loves cutting it real short and really layer it for me.

I have been 'shopping' around but it seems I end up going back to him, firstly, cheap. Of course skill matters, no complain on that department. Secondly, he's available weekends, which is great. Wilkin can babysit.

So the whole of yesterday morning I was there. To start with, I haven't been to a hairdresser for nearly 4 months. Imagine the greys, not the length. Got my hair coloured, highlighted, and tadah, the first ever time, the length I was satisfied with! So I was happy.

Normal salons, Colour = $60, Highlight = 1/4 head $35, 1/2 head $60, Cut = $30
Total for a 1/4 head highlight = $125 if I'm lucky to get this cheap. All these are average cost. It may vary up to $150

Yesterday, all of the above and for 1/2 head, total $65!! AND satisfied.


Work didn't start off well last night, manager forgot to put another girl on roster with me, so I was all alone from 8pm onwards. But I believe things happen for a reason. And it did!

Guess what? I found a $20 bill on the floor! YEAY! It wasn't cash till money, it was no where near the tills. Found it at the BLOOM's cosmetic counter. Hah! I left it around the till in case anyone called up for it, but it was mine to keep at the end of the night.

Freaking RM50+ on the floor! When on earth do you find that now? LUCKY ME!

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