Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Albert Park

We went to Albert Park to chase seagulls and ducks.

Well, not 'We' we, but just Aidan :P

I taught him how to chase the birds, and I laughed seeing him doing that as it looks really funny.

We came home later in the afternoon and it's haircut time for him. Wilkin did a blunder job again, this time at the back of the neck. Sort of uneven. But the front looks much better than the last at least. I gave him a Chuppa Chup, that kept him on the chair for a while. When I took away the lolly a couple of times to wash away the hair, he cried as if he lost his precious toy.

For dinner, we had Ching's curry chicken and some vege. He made is last night when Wilkin was over at his place. Sedap pun.

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