Thursday, April 27, 2006

Never Ending Work

Today is the first day in 3 weeks that we are back at Ashburton Playgroup. Aidan loves the puzzle there.

Let's talk about work. Tonight was one of the busiest nights I've every worked, if not the busiest. The end of day report shows it was 45 customers in an hour at its peak. That equates to 1.5 minutes per freaking customer!! And we had some shitties coming in too.

Sharon (colleague): That's $5.95 thanks
Teenage boy : On card thanks
Sharon : Sorry it's $10 minimum on card
TB : *Silent for a while* Oh
Sharon : You can get some jelly beans or something. I can do it on $9 at least
TB : You can't make me buy things I don't need. Am sure there is law saying that you can't force people buy stuff they don't need
Sharon : Sorry, am just following what the boss said
TB : No you're not!
Sharon : I see that you have the Police Union credit card, obviously you have someone working in the police force, why don't you go ask them
TB : You are forcing me to buy things I don't need
Sharon : Well, you can come back tomorrow for the tablets, you don't have to get it now
TB : I need it tonight ..........

He, anyway, went over to the shelves and grabbed some jelly beans and paid for it.

Scenario 2 : 5 minutes to midnight with a couple of scripts.

Man : I want the Minimax
Pharmacist : Do you mean Minax?
Man : No, Minimax
Pharmacist : Sorry, I think you mean Minax.
(And after some explanation he apologized for the confusion)

Two minutes later
Man : There's nothing on TV tonight, it's so boring. Just footy Geelong against Essendon, bla bla bla

Well, we finished off his script and he SLOWLY signed for them and casually made his way to the register. Meanwhile, some fat chap knocked on our already locked door frantically. I shook my head and said we are already closed. He said "Please, I drove from Narre Warren"

Me, being good lar, and that old man was still slowly paying for his stuff, I opened up the door and he was so so glad that he continously said thank you to me, and just wanted to get some cold and flu tablets for his son.

Fine, I did something good and I felt good about it. All customers left and it was 12.07am, we were all getting ready to leave. There was another knock on the door, this time a young lady. WTF!! I really shook my head this time and just looked away.

I mean, I was just complaining to Jackie, What are all these STUPID COWS thinking??!! They should know when to get medications earlier if they are not feeling well and not wait till the last minute. Fair enough, there are some emergency cases, that I don't blame them. But when someone comes it and says "There's nothing on TV tonight, so boring...' REALLY! Can't you get here earlier then?

And also, some oldies like to rush in 5 minutes before too, and says ' Oh, this is the last pill and I have to get my medication' F!#@! YOU GRANNY! As if you took this medication for the first time. You come in at the last minute with the LAST tablet when you have been on them for months, or years!

And there are others who come in for syringes. We don't keep them AT ALL. Mostly they are junkies who look for them, and some will get upset and and yells, what if there is an emergency and we need the insulin (for diabetics)??

Well, you should know better then, right, if you are a diabetic to keep your supplies well stocked. There is no IFs in this case, when you life depends on it.


I've had enough with angmohs for the night... good night.

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Peng said...

another night of never ending work (friday) ;-)