Sunday, April 30, 2006

BBQ Night

Woke up kinda late today. Like I said, fatigue caught up with me. Feeling fat and lousy.

Spent the whole darn morning running around getting last minute stuff cooking the beehoon and prepared a simple salad, which simply looks like garnish to the noodles. Oh yeah, had to purposely buy a big oval white plate for that too. Lucky thing plastic not expensive.

So by the time I done everything, it was after 2pm and past Aidan's nap time. Had to put him to bed, no time for me to power nap. Got up and had 10 minutes coffee 'break' then showered myself and got everything ready for the night.

Quite a lot of people tonight. Ching's friend Emily with her mother and 2 kids, Chait, (pronounced Shai) a 7 year old girl and Collie, her 4 year old son who is exactly the same height as Aidan!! Interesting, coz mother is Taiwanese and dad is Indian-Portuguese.

Also Steven and Rita with baby Stefanie, plus Rita's mum and her two aunties. Lucky I made enough!

Had good fun tonight, especially Aidan, so many friends.

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