Sunday, April 30, 2006

Twisted foot

I worked 9-5pm today as they couldn't find anyone. I thought, great, I get to watch a Sunday movie.

Day work is pretty slow and steady, and working without the boss on Sunday, that's a bonus. Thing is, I just told Jackie, I thought I was still fairy light and stepped on a box to get medicine, and it collapsed under me, resulting in me twisting my right foot. GREAT!

So I came home at 4pm instead, raining and gloomy and cold.

Wilkin has already asked Bessie to come over and for us to go out for dinner, so I can't back out. Not that I need to walk a lot anyway, and I have to eat. So we went to Boxhill and had dinner.

Bessie brought 2 pairs of gumboots for Aidan, one Elmo and one Ninja. He immediately chose Elmo of course, as he doesn't really know Ninja. But, Elmo just fitted him snugly so I thought we shouldn't have that one, as it may only be wearable for a couple of months. Ninja was bigger, but he didn't like it. Wow! Yeah, he will bring out the pair of shoes he likes to wear for us to wear it for him. Choosy eh?

Me got twisted foot, phoned up work and said not going in tomorrow, heh. Saja ler, excuse. Can watch Desperate Housewives... hahahah!

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