Monday, May 01, 2006

Hearing Test

Today brought Aidan for hearing test.

We went into this room which is sound proof, and this lady, Cathy has a console system in front of her. She tried to get Aidan to play with some blocks on small table beside here, taking his attention away and will make a sound so she can see where he turns to.

There is this speaker beside me, but when she switched on that 'mosquito' sound, instead of looking at the speaker, he looked straight at the console and immediately tried to press ALL buttons.

She said it's logical. Good. Then below this speaker there is a toy wombat in a box that will go round and round when a little light lights up. When he saw this, he said 'Hot' I found it so funny personally but Cathy was confused as she didn't know what was going on.

I explained that it might have looked like a microwave and he may be wondering, 'Poor bear, get cooked in there'. And she was surprised, and said she had never saw it that way, and will never think of the box in a same way again. Glad Aidan gave her some idea!

Anyway, he passed with flying colours. Which means, nothing wrong with his hearing and perfectly fine.

So, what will happen next is, whether or not to bring him to see a developmental paedatrician. Honestly, I think I will stop after the sessions with the speech pathologist. If he's hearing his fine, then I am contented. The sessions with the pathologist was good, as she gave me new ideas on how to teach Aidan more and interact more, new productive games.

See how it goes from here...

We went yum char after this, just the two of us :)

And hey, I got to watch Desperate Housewives, and Hotel Babylon... hehe.

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