Tuesday, May 02, 2006


I made Aidan wear pull-ups today, am quite sure there will be a little accident at the occasional care.

Kind of a productive day, got Aidan some skivvies (long sleeve turtle neck singlet) as it's getting real cold some days. Groceries shopping, had coffee and raisin toast at Gloria Jeans :) No good bargains, yet stil managed to spend about $100....

When I went to pick him up, true enough, his pull-ups was full. Paola told me that she did put him on the potty, he did do a wee, maybe half tank, still keeping the other half. Later she noticed him standing very still and concentrating :P

When he saw me, within that minute, he told me he needs to go, and THAT, was a BIG wee. I just couldn't understand why he doesn't want to tell the carers.

It's chinese food tonight. Steamed fish and stir fry garlic stems with chicken. One thing I don't like about cooking chinese is that the rest of the evening, the house will smell. It will take the whole night for those smell of oil, or garlic, or the wok, to disappear the next day.

Still, chinese have to eat chinese food sometime.........

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