Monday, April 17, 2006


Woke up today only to get ready to go out for a buffet lunch and then work. Won't be home till past midnight!

Dad in law came to our place to pick Pamela up to the airport. Cheerios Dad, you're great!

You see, Wilkin wanted me to go to his friend Steven's parents house for the fullmoon celebration of his daughter Stefanie. We headed out to Ching's place past noon and by then we were darn hungry. Wilkin had quite a load to eat, Ching's leftovers but tasted great with bread.

Dallied for a while before heading off to Steven's place at 2. From then on, it was only food and drink! I had tons (well, meaning lots, not really tons) of oysters and prawns. YUMM YUUMMM!
Also had to run after Aidan round, in and out the house. This boy never stops! I had to leave the place at 4.10pm and reached work exactly 5pm. How good is my timing?!

I called home later to check if everything is OK and Wilkin told me Aidan fell asleep in Jess' arms. I couldn't believe it! MY Aidan! Falling asleep?? THAT was really once in a blue moon. But then again, he is having this cold and so many days he hasn't taken his afternoon naps. So sleep might have caught up with him.

I SMS-ed Jess and said 'I can't believe my son slept in another woman's arms!!' and she thought that was funny. Frankly, I was jealous. :P

Back to work, it wasn't fun. Being out the whole day, I was feeling tired too.

Came home from work but mind just didn't want to get sleep. So I logged on till nearly 2am.

Pathetic, huh?

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