Monday, April 03, 2006


Went to the dermatologist this morning and he said we have nothing to worry about on what Aidan has on his left arm. It's a group of mast cells common in newborn or early childhood.

We can have a biopsy done for Aidan but Dr. Foley advised against it as it will only traumatise Aidan to satisfy our curiousity. As long as that patch does not outgrow him, change in condition e.g. lumps or causing discomfort, we can let it be.

Wilkin started his holidays today till after Easter which is next weekend. His friend from Hong Kong, Pamela, is coming over to stay with us tomorrow. We went home and started a little cleaning around.

Tonight when I went to work, I did a side-parking too close to another car, which resulted in a little minor teeny-weeny scratch (notice how I 'exegerate') and yeah, he wasn't happy. Hey, not on purpose right??

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