Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Pamela is here

Sent Aidan to Cabena this morning and came home, just had 5 minutes to myself for a piece of toast and a cup of coffee.

Then the workout begin! Scrubbing, cleaning, vacuuming, washing - 2 loads! (that includes Aidan's new winter wardrobe and bedsheets, so don't think I don't do my washing often). I mean, my house is mostly tidy and livable, although not 100% always meticulously clean, but I like it to be looking good when someone stays over. Hence, the room fragrance and fragrant oil burner was on the whole morning.

Aidan did it again. When I went to pick him up, there was a bag with his wet pants in it. He just refuses to tell anyone there that he wants to wee! I will have to tell them to force him to go next week.

Pamela arrived soon after, with LOADS of prezzies!! Heaps for Aidan and why, lots for me too. Yeay! I will take pics of it later and post them up here. Woohooo! Yippee! You're never too old to be happy to get presents!

After a day bending my back and entertaining, it will be fair for me to go to bed early tonight.


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