Thursday, May 11, 2006

4th session at Cate's

Aidan is doing kind of fine to me, but I think it is a long way to go, according to Cate, as she said his receptive and expressive manner is still low, as compared to children his age. Eye contact is definitely there, but only when he wants something done. So it's like it has to be his way or not at all. Sounds familiar?

I told her about cancelling the paed. appt. and will think about that later if things are not progressing. Meantime, we are looking into early intervention, and she will help me by putting through a phone call to Warooga Centre. I went there to inquire a month ago and they didn't accept Aidan as they only deal with kids that is down on at least 2 characteristics, e.g. speech and movement. I hope Cate can get us through.

We went to Chaddy for a walk, just to get milk and oil, the basic stuff, but ended up in Toys R Us, as Aidan was running wild, with me just following him blindly. Oh yeah, before that, we shared a shepherd's pie : ) ..... *drooling* and I had a latte. Passed by Famous Amos, but thought against it, I have to NOT eat any of those anymore!

Anywayyy, sales at Toys R Us and got Aidan a Rugrats activity talking mat with magnets that teaches spatial concepts and neatness, bla bla bla. How much? Normal price $2o something, now priced at $9.96

Took it to the cash register, and it rang up at a friggin' price of $4.95 !!! Whaddaya know! Must be my lucky day! The girl was kind of surprised too, so she actually put it through again just to make sure. Honest yours truly told her that the price tag stated double the price, but she put it through at the register price anyway. :P

Didnt get any liquorice today, did think of getting strawberry, but nope. I had wayyyy too much liquorice lately, have to pause for a while.

So off we went to the supermarket, managed to slip into the trolley a packet of chips, which I am munching on right now, but bet it will be finished off by other half by midnight, or 2am next day. The Chan brothers are known to be night snacking rats, true words from their dad.

And now I have to continue with life, cooking and cleaning up, washing and tidying, etc.etc.

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