Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Been lazy

Yeah I've been lazy.

There's nothing much of an event anyway for the past weekend.

We didn't go anywhere on Saturday, except to Chaddy with Aidan for a short walk, and got myself and multi-purpose hematite necklace for $10. It's magnetic and can be worn as a single strand, double strand, choker or bracelet.

Got hooked on liquorice! Tried the mango, then the blackcurrant, and today I got the green apple. They are ALL yummy!

I couldn't get to sleep on Saturday night, of which I went to bed early, about 12mn odd, so I took a pain relief Fiorinal, which contains paracetamol, codeine and a calmative anti-histamine called doxylamine. Didn't help, took another one after an hour. Knocked me out.

On the whole of Sunday daytime I was going about like a zombie, couldn't really focus as my head was still very groggy. Had to take a good afternoon nap before I got to work. That's it! No more drugs. Bought natural supplement instead called Valerian. Haven't tried it yet. Hope it works.

Other than all of the above, today at Cabena, first break! Aidan's pull-ups was dry! The carers were as excited as I was! That's one good step forward. And oh yes, he made a card for me :) Well, actually it was the care's project for Mother's Day.

After I picked him up, we went to the pharmacy where Leigh (my angmoh good friend here). Got her a cake and a little present as it was her birthday 2 days ago. Aidan enjoyed his cake and also made his marks on it, 2 tiny fingerprints. She was thrilled to see him, it has been ages since we've met up, as she has been busy with her newly bought house and new boyfriend too.

And here I am now, updating you guys.

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