Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Didnt' do much for Sunday, or any interesting things happened for that matter.

Just went to The Glen to post some letters, and have lunch at Fatt Kee, where they serve the yummy roast chicken, duck and barbeque pork, and porridge, noodles, etc. I had minced pork with fried egg on rice, (I SO wanted to eat the roast duck rice for ages, but because I had to share with Aidan, and there isn't much meat on duck, I had to order other stuff) and Wilkin had his forever usual Ngau Larm Meen.

Aidan was as usual up to mischief and couldn't sit still wherever he goes.

Monday, brought Aidan to the doc to check on his sneezing and blocked nose, of which he was prescribed Claratyne, and anti-histamine syrup. Had lunch with dad in law at Star East. We both had pork chop, his with rice and mine with vege and chips. Easier for Aidan to eat. Hey, don't think I am not watching my diet.

I went to work with only the super soup, this time adding boiled fish. Not bingeing on junks, that is good.

Today at Cabena, third consecutive week Aidan had a dry nappy. I'll probably do it 2 more times and see how it goes. Keeping fingers crossed.

I planned to come back to the house to do some vacuuming after having my coffee break at Chaddy, but ended up galivanting the mall. Fortunately this week I didn't buy anything, apart from a fleece top and sleep socks for Aidan. Getting very cold. And a cauliflower, and a packet of blackcurrant liquorice for Maria, the pharmacist I work with on Friday. I said I'll get her some for her to try on the new flavour. We only sell the original and strawberry at the pharmacy, but it's nothing like Darrell Lea's........ slurrp*

Tried on some cord pants at Target, didn't fit too well. Cord pants are good in winter, not as cold as jeans upon wearing them. Bbbrrrrrrr... Passed by Suzanne Grae and even their Size 8, which is the smallest, is way too big. Guess that shop is for big girls.

Dinner tonight was satay chicken with white mushroom, and mabo tofu and soup. You think I can cook very well leh?? Heh, I bought the ready mix satay sauce for the chicken and the mabo sauce and add in minced meat and tofu. HAHAHAHAHA! Of course the soup is all natural! Tastes good though, the tofu. Will get more of the mix next time.

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