Friday, May 26, 2006

Amber's Playhouse

Today we went to Amber's playhouse at Forest Hill's Chase. Thought we haven't been there for a while since the speech thingy.

Also I meant to go to Dimmey's to check out any good bargain, of which I bought a new table cloth and a Sabco mop at $8 each.

Before going up to Amber's, we happen to pass by Westco, and there was this huge sale going on in there. 70% OFF!!! I tried on a couple of pants, and it was only $6 each. It was only one pair that I wanted, but then thought, what the heck, I'll get two colours, and ended up with light blue and pink :)

There are other long tie-string pants, only at $3 !!!!!!!!!!! Non my size :( and also I can't get used to the idea of the pants like 1/2 hanging down my hips as if it's going to fall off any moment. Not that I have a flat tummy to show off in the first place too.

We then proceeded to our destination and as soon as Aidan saw the place, he was jumping with joy. He went straight to the jumping castle while I ordered a latte for myself and fish and chips for his lunch. Then I sat down to read a magazine. After a while, I looked up to find him missing. Looked for him, couldn't find him. For the first 2 minutes, I was searching up and down, then after that I started panicking, but kept telling myself to keep my cool.

I know there is no possible way he could have gotten out as the girls working there recognize me and Aidan, and he couldn't have got pass the security gate to get out. Still, my heart kept beating faster. What if he's stuck somewhere and I couldn't hear him scream? Ooooohh, crap, should have kept my eyes on him.

Then I saw him having helluva time in the ball pit, jumping into those colourful balls. Phew!

We had our lunch, and he had an ice-cream treat, and I let him run off again to play while I continued reading, this time looking up every now and then. Not long after that, I heard his cry from a far corner at the carousel ride. Went to get him, thought he was being bullied as the 3 horses were all taken up, and he was on the floor crying. Only later I realized his top lip was bleeding a little and a small gash on his forehead. He must have fell down. Poor baby.

But he was ok within a minute and continued laughing and playing. Boys.

It's funny how I can't relax during his waking hours. Although of course I am happy to be spending time with him, no matter what, I think it's only natural mother's instinct, we cannot let our guards down. Probably this is why we are mentally exhausted.

The only time I can really relax body and mind, is when he is sleeping safely and soundly in his bed.

It's ME time now.

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