Monday, May 29, 2006

Didn't think we'd do anything out of the ordinary these couple of days.

Friday same same, went to Clayton playgroup. Oh yeah, have to go to dad in law's place to pick up some fresh picked kai lan and other veges and goods. Also he was leaving for a weekend trip, so maybe he wanted to see Aidan.

That night work was terrible in a sense that, Samantha called in sick. And the boss has the tight-pocket sense to say that we aren't so busy on Friday nights anyway, so don't have to call for someone to replace her, and therefore left yours truly on the floor for the whole night. True, it's not always as busy as other nights, but still, a two shoplot chemist should have 2 assistants on the floor. We canno predict when it will get busy or not! SCROOGE!

So I claimed no break for the night, and it DID get busy at 15 minutes to midnight! WHAT'S WITH ALL THESE PEOPLE COMING IN SO LATE AT NIGHT FOR SCRIPTS?! Taking advantage of what we call 'midnight' pharmacy izzit?? We ended up closing the shop at 12.20am, and we claimed that 20 minutes too.

Saturday, went to Boxhill and got heaps of veges for my super soup diet :) Came home and prepared another pot of soup. So far so good, I haven't been eating anything fried or oily. Didn't feel much change, but at least my tummy isn't 24-7 bloated and it actually feels good.

Didn't go to Ching's that night, just stayed home and watched HK movie, sent over by Pamela.It was an Andy Lau and Sammi Cheng movie, something like Tomorrow Never Ends by Sidney Sheldon, a couple who are professional con artists.

And as for today, I felt we didn something good. We were at The Glen, minding our own business when we heard a Chinese lady shouting 'Grace! Grace!' Obviously she was looking for her daughter and she was frantic. Poor thing. I would be! For her to shout like that, to me it seems like this daughter of hers will be a very little girl.

I told Wilkin about that, and he was like, 'Oh izzit? Shit.' So apparently he was oblivious to what was going on around him. Men.

After that he was very observant though. We were opposite Safeway supermarket, where we were at the ATM taking out some money, and he noticed for a few good minutes this little girl was standing at the cashier, not crying and not moving. He also noticed that there weren't any Asian adults around, so he asked me to go ask the little girl for her name. I looked at him one kind, as she is only around 2. Right, so maybe she can talk, still, I don't think she wants to talk to a stranger.

I asked the nearest cashier if the little parents were around, if not, there is a mother out there looking for her. The cashier was like 'Uh, duh' and asked someone in the service counter. I can't believe how ignorant she can be as the girl was just standing right in front of her for a few good minutes!

Then some other girl from the service counter came out and I asked the same question. This time, this lady just took the little girl's hand and directed her into the counter, without even answering me! WHAT THE F@**!!??? How rude can they be??! She looked as if I was going to kidnap the girl away! The more I think about it, the more dulan I feel. Think I'll write a complain note tomorrow.

Anyway...... I saw the mother coming back to our direction, after a futile search on the other side of the shop. Wilkin told her about the little girl and the mother just stared at him. He said go on inside, and I sort of took her there. When she saw the girl, she just stopped and covered her heart with her hand. Relieved, I guess. But the next sentence that came out from her mouth didn't quite impress me. "You are so naughty!" Well, the poor kid didn't ask to be lost in the first place. And it's not a time to reprimand the poor thing, although she didn't seem too scared about it. Funny she can just stand there and be quiet. I can't imagine what Aidan would have done. Run out to the streets? Crying loud for us? I really don't want to even think about it. It's really scary, especially just after how I felt exactly the same only 3 days ago at Amber's, only not so intensed, yet terrifying.

When it was all over, Wilkin commented that the lady didn't even say thanks to him. I said she sort of did to me, but I said he can't blame her as I know her mind then was in a thousand places.

That pretty much sums up 3 days' worth of blog.

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