Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Dream cake

Aidan has the runny nose still for the past 3 weeks now.

Brought him to the doc second time on Monday, and the doc said that after so long, this may not be a case of 'cold' anymore, but more of an allergy.

Heck! Don't even have the slightest idea what caused it. First thing I know of, is that the column heater does bring in lots of dust. Hence Wilkin said to stop using it for a while to see if Aidan gets better. Also, have been giving him Claratyne syrup, and he doesn't quite like the taste. Today is Wednesday, no improvement. Doc did say to give him Phenergan at night, which I did for the first night, but he looked groggy the next day, so I stopped. Imagine giving it to him nightly, I think it'll tone down his active behaviour, but I don't want that to happen. Not unnaturally.

If this goes on, will have to do some allergy test. There's no end to a Mum's worry, is there?

Tuesday I shopped some more :P after sending Aidan to Cabena. Bought myself 2 pair of jeans, one a faded grey, in fashion, hehe, and the other a cord, just for winter. Slipping into a pair of jeans, or any other clothings, in winter is no laughing matter! Also bought Silicea, which cost me $100!! What's that? Read all about it here:

Am taking it more for my hair actually. Then again, other benefits are great too.

When I picked Aidan up from Cabena, every child was given a cupcake, as it was Lucy's birthday. I had wanted to look for a bakery which can do something like that after looking at the pic in a blogsite of Jackie's friend. I love it! So I was all excited when I saw that and was so happy that I could get hold of the address. This is the cake I saw on the site:

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