Thursday, May 18, 2006

Last session at Cate's

She told me that after the assessment last week, Aidan's mean scale is at 59, which is below the normal range within his age. The normal is minimum 85 to maximum 115.

I do agree that his expressive skills needs to be polished up. He does understand what we tell him, but he won't say things or express himself verbally spontaneously. So anyway, will see how the assessment at the early intervention goes next month.

Got me a little worried here. But everyone else keeps telling me he's fine. I suppose it's natural for a mum to feel compelled to compare her own child with other kids. And when I see most kids talk fluently, I feel jealous, and failed.

Not that he failed me, but I failed as a mum in teaching him more.

Not a good day to blog..

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peng said...

hey friend, don't feel bad, cheear up