Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Early Intervention

Left Aidan at Cabena and I went to Chaddy for a coffee and expresso brownie.

Passed by the $2buck shop and saw some socks and scarves for sale. When I was at My Chemist in Frankston we sold this brand and although it was of average cost, it's still not cheap to me. So when I saw them here for only $2 or $3 each, I bought a pair for high socks for Aidan, nice for winter, and a matching pair of ankle length for myself :) So we can wear this together some day :))

Also a long scarf. I admit am not a scart person, hardly wear them, but it's $2. Heh.

Got some essential stuff and picked Aidan up. Went next door to see Geraldine, and glad that Cate did call her up to discuss about Aidan's speech. Made an appointment for an informal assessment next month to see if Aidan can be accepted in their programme for early intervention. Well, at least we got the appointment. Like I said, they only work with children who need help at least in two areas.

Today I was extra nice to Aidan, of course I still act stern when he had something up his sleeves. Still couldn't get pass the fact I acted rashly yesterday.

Ooo yeah, did laundry, (nice and sunny today) and vacuumed every corner today.

Now am satisfied.

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