Saturday, May 13, 2006

Mother's Day house slippers

Didn't really want to go out, but thought, what the heck, let Aidan run around and I wanted to treat him to a Chocolate Lick at Max Brenner, which is just a small bowl of just pure chocolate!!! mmm… It come with a some white chocolate buttons and a long lick-stick, so you just dip it in and lick it!

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He made a little mess, which is expected, (yeah yeah I didn't bring the camera again) and I had a hot chocolate.

After that we just went galivanting around, and happened to pass by Millers and they have these slippers on sale. Only a few days ago it was still at $13.95, and I think it is pretty ridiculous to pay such a price for it. Today it is at $5.00!! So I got a pair for myself, for Mother's Day.

How pathetic.

Then we walked pass Early Learning Centre, full of balloons and toys and Aidan got attracted to the balloons. The lady in the store gave him one with a little star attached to it as weight, as this is a helium kind. You don't find a lot of places or stores giving out helium balloons, not cheap. Plus the little star thingy is cute too.

Wandered around, and I bought him this :)

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