Sunday, May 14, 2006

Cold and Rainy Mother's Day

Jacket Karen bought in China. He didn't really want to wear this at first but managed to get him into it. Fits just nice and will be good only for this winter.

Aidan drove us nuts today. We were at The Glen and Wilkin was at the post office, we waited outside. Aidan just ran wild like monkey on the loose. I scolded him, but you know how it is, not loudly or anything as this was in public, and he started throwing Fimbo onto the floor. I sternly told him to pick it up, and he started pouting, and the corners of the mouth went southward, pulling it lower, and lower and lower, and then came the wails and tears.

Nice one.

Eyes went tightly shut and continued with his antic even after a minute or two. This boy really knows how to act.

By the way, I didn't get anything for Mother's Day. Just a 'Oh, forgot it's Mother's Day' kiss, and that's it. Lucky I bought myself the slippers.

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