Saturday, June 17, 2006

Aidan needed a smacking today

For the past few days I have been really busy working.

Three nights in a row and it was very busy. Plus it's the last week of school so the more I wouldn't want Aidan to miss out on playgroups. Won't know where to bring him for the next two weeks as everywhere will be full of people.

You'd think I would get to sleep in on Thursday.

Wishful thinking. Had to clean up the house and 2 loads of laundry. 3 in fact. The normal load, then there is this woolly and fleecy stuff load, it's winter after all, and the towel load. Having done this, I know I won't be doing any cooking that night.

Hence, went out for yum char with Aidan and the waitresses there coo-ed over Aidan saying how handsome and smiley he is .... I basked in their compliments to my son :) Oh yeah, got half a oil chicken as takeaway for Wilkin for dinner.

I even slept earlier than usual that night. Tired marr, still had to vacuum later in the evening after Aidan woke up. Back ache worr...

As for today, Aidan did something naughty. It was lunch time and I had already put him in his highchair. He wanted his Bob the Builder book with him, and I said no. He then kicked the stool beside him and it fell. I lightly smacked his leg for doing so. What happened next made me mad yet it was comical.

He took his sippy cup, hang it by his finger on the handle, and left it dangling over the high chair, giving me that "Look at me, Mummy. I'd do want I like." I said no, and he let the cup slip from his finger, water splashing on the carpet and the sofa.

Whoa! As my first reaction was to bend down to pick up the cup, I smacked his part nearest to me, his leg. He started crying and I picked him up and left him in his room. Time out.

So naughty!! Testing his old lady's patience. Gosh! To get that from a toddler, it's amazing to think what goes through their brain. Wait, it didn't end here.

By the time I went into the room again, he has already stopped crying. But as soon as he saw me, he gave me that pitiful look, and started sobbing again. I explained to him what he did was wrong, but he just kept his eyes tightly shut and giving those crocodile tears. I was just in between laughing and teaching him a lesson again. Laughter nearly ruled, but I can't do that in front of him.

Made him said 'Mummy, sorry.' The 'Ah Mee' came out alright, but kind of refused to say sorry. Had to urge him a couple of times.

Stubborn.... LIKE WHO?? LIKE WHO ARRR???!!!!


Anonymous said...

Stubborn like you lor hor..... :P hai mai?

sweetpea said...

woi, want to 'spear' me don't go anonymous leh... takut I marah ke?