Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Queen's Birthday Holiday

So happy this morning.

As usual Aidan was playing with his blocks, muttering the numbers in no particular order.

Then I noticed that while he was stacking it, he was actually looking at the numbers and saying out the correct ones! Those blocks are from ONE to NINE. Except for the six and nine of course, can't expect him to know the upside downs of these two numbers.

To me, it was the highlight of the day. My son, not even three, counting up to 13, but actually recognizing the numbers, it made my day.

Thanks Ernie!!! (Sesame Street - Count With Me)

Dad in law dropped by later in the morning and the four of us (Wilkin is home today as it's Queen's Birthday holiday) went to The Glen for some shopping, then had lunch. We came back home and not much happening after that.

I had a nap with Aidan since Wilkin is using the computer to study, and for the whole day after I woke up, I just did a little house work and got ready for work.

Wilkin and Aidan went over to dad in law's for dinner.

Sigh, only the beginning of the week, and I have two more consecutive days to work.

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