Monday, June 12, 2006


It's no bloody excuse for not bringing a camera for an occasion like this!

I could have hit myself!! So darn mad.

We went over to Steven's place at around 1pm plus, by then we were ravenous. Well, not quite that stage, but starving still. Had lots of superlicious food, the usual chicken skewers, mutton, beef, sausages, etc. etc. And lots of beers and wine.

I had a little of the meat, and lots of picking here and there of chips and dried fruits, nuts and the desserts! Gosh! The deserts looks so pretty, you'll just want to stuff them all into your mouth. Steven's mum made it. His parents left the house for the day, just for him to entertain his friends. How nice and sacrificing. I can't imagine where an old couple can go for the whole day and on a chilly one too.

Aidan obviously didn't have his afternoon nap today. By nearly 6pm we left Steven's place and went to Ching's place for a while instead. Thought we should have a little bit of dinner before we go home. I went out with Jess to get pizza.

By the time I got back, Hannah was running to me saying Aidan is was falling asleep. He was sitting on the floor with other kids, supposedly watching TV, but his head was bobbing front and backwards, eyes half closing and opening, trying very hard to stay awake. That was SO CUTE!! He saw me then, and smiled a little, babbled something and went on bobbing. Poor little darling! I carried him in my arms, and he went *snap fingers* just like that, snoring.

He was SO SO tired. I put him on the sofa, and he slept like a log. We then had our dinner, chatted a little. I was getting tired too.

Aidan woke up about half an hour later, must have been the wrong side of the bed, or sofa, in this case, and couldn't stop crying. Tried to comfort him for the next 10 to 15 minutes, still no good. We decided we should go home then. This is the part that's kind of funny too. He was crying, wanting to go home because he was tired, yet didn't want to leave the house as his friends were all there. Torn between stepping out and staying inside the house. We had to carry him and fatigue won over.

We got back home early. About nine-ish. Gave him a quick shower, his milk and put him to bed. I was tired too, but couldn't sleep this early, so I watched Die Hard 2 on TV. Nice to see Bruce Willis still with a full head of hair.

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